Description of machine returned

Description of machine returned

The goods sold by the company's commitment to the implementation of the following return service provides:

【Meet the following requirements, he can return / replacement】

(1) acceptance of goods found to be defective products (goods damaged, defective) merchandise has broken (2cm above), stained (more than a dime size), severe off-line (10cm and above), left-right asymmetry (a difference of more than 2cm) serious color, fixed rigs is not working, the main components of the car backwards or missing as a quality problem. Or the delivery error;
(2) is more than product quality problems, this site provides free refunds or exchanges.
(3) is a product quality problem but has the shelf, and will no longer offer refunds or exchanges, only repair.

Non-quality issues:
(1) If the customer receives the merchandise does not fit, do not like the color, style and other customers do not like the subjective understanding, we offer replacement services. Limit with the models for color escape, replacement postage back and forth by the customer. Some of the goods available for payment, but need to pay the purchase price based on the actual situation of the 10% surcharge.
(2) In the event of the wrong goods or missing shipments, we will free resend or refund after consultation with the client handle.
(3) due to human causes we are committed to the arrival of more than 10 days have not received the goods
(4) wedding dress is a special commodity, non-quality issues do not accept returned.

【Return / replacement process】

(1) by phone or online and call center companies made RMA is required to provide pictures to confirm whether the goods meet the Return Policy.
(2) can be confirmed by customer service personnel return or exchange after 7 days will also send goods specified Returns Customer Service Center address.
(3) after-sales service department, after receiving the returned merchandise, goods sent to the logistics center shall test.
(4) testing with the Return Policy, in accordance with customer requirements for Return; Return of goods after inspection does not meet the requirements, the original merchandise return customers.

Goods no longer available off the shelf back / replacement service!

In the following we have the right to refuse the customer's return requirements

(1) over the period of the Return Return requests (more than 24 hours after receipt)
(2) the goods appear damaged, but declined to provide evidence
(3) failure to return the goods (accessories, packaging, hang tags, bar code)
(4) man-made damage, wear more than 8 hours, washed or sprayed with perfume left to appreciate the
(5) the product was not us
(6) clothing itself is no problem, accessories (such as: belt, brooch, decorated with flowers, etc.) problems
(7) the quality of the goods itself, the problem does not exist
(8) did not get in touch with us, without the goods back to the
(9) return Return goods to pay back the use of express shipping