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Maple nail printer model and price

New S03A Flower Printer with touch screen all in one:(Lexmark ink printer inside. Free shipping to Europ).It lexmark 27 cartridge,can paint more than 2000 flowers.It fit for business use , Your first select!.No need install any system,with 10 inches big touch screen!

Paint 3 roses one time,1 apple,1 egg.Can also paint nails!!


L(430mm) W(280mm) H(260mm)
Power reqiured: AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/50HZ
Power: 50W
Net weight: 15KG
Gross weight: 17KG

Environmental requirement :
Working temperature 10 oC-40 oC

PC requirement:
OS: With system all in one
Picture bank: Open
Spray definition:4800DPI

1) Over 1,000 patterns stored
2) Over one million patterns can be added freely
3) Auto identification of nail shapes
4) Prints 3 roses at one time
5) Can paint apple egg mobil etc.

Package include:
1 Printer driver CD (designs gallery included)
1 User Guide
2 Ink Cartridge (Lexmark 27)
5 bottles of Special flowe oil
1 flower mold(do rose,mobil)
2 speakingroses gallery books

Introduce book
Compare Price: In USA S03 price is 3500$,
we sale 1500$.

Buy a Maple S03A speaking roses painter 1500$
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S05A & S07A model Color painting on 5 finger nails at one time, as well as mobiles ,apple ,flowers etc.

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