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Maple nail printer model and price

S05A model:(Free shipping Cost,The Cheapest model,High quality,First Recommend)

5 nails one time ,apple,rose,mobil,egg etc.

L(430mm) W(280mm) H(270mm)
Power reqiured: AC220V/50HZ or AC110V/50HZ
Power: 50W
Net weight: 12KG
Gross weight: 15KG

Environmental requirement :
Working temperature 10 oC-40 oC

PC requirement:
OS: Windows 2000/XP
HS: Above 1.0 GHZ CPU Celeron
Above 128M memory
Above 10G HD
Above 2 USB ports
Picture bank: Open
Spray definition:4800DPI

1) Over 5,000 patterns stored
2) Over one million patterns can be added freely
3) Auto identification of nail shapes
4) Prints five nail at one time
5) Can paint speakingroses,apple,egg etc.

Package include:
Printer driver CD (designs gallery included)
1 User Guide
1 Ink Cartridge (lexmark 27)
2 bottles of Special Pre Coat
2 bottles of protect nail oil
2 bottles of white nail oil
2 bottles of flower precoat
1 hand mold(five finger)
1 flower mold(do rose,mobil)
1 English demo VCD
1 tools for nailart.
2 nail & speakingroses gallery books

Attention:Ship to east Europ need pay more 50$ shipping cost.
Compare Price:in USA S05A price is 1600$, we sale 850$.

Buy a Maple S05A nail printer 880$ Pay by Paypal online now :

Maple S05A nail printer Demo VCD Online:

For 5 nails and 1 flower and 1 mobile phone can print each time  

Paypal accepted

Information of Maple S05A nail printer
Computer Needed: Yes
Auto Nail Shape Sensor: Yes
Avg. Print-time per finger: 20 seconds
Camera Built-In: Yes
Camera Includes Lights: Yes
Coin Slot Capable: No
Cost: $880
Custom design uploading: Yes
Dimensions: W:40 / D:30 / H:26cm
Has DIY function: Yes
Quality Control: Yes - standard
Has Training Videos: Yes
Location of manufacturer: China
Multiple Finger Capable: Yes
Net Weight: About 14KG
Operator Mandatory: Yes
Printable Surfaces: Yes
Quantity of cartridges: 1 cartridges
Quantity of colors printed: 16,000,000
Resolution: 4800*1200DPI
Standard Warranty: 1 year
Toenail Capable: Yes
Total tips printed with ink: 2000nails
Touch-Screen: No
Use Type: Professional

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